Shall we walk in the wave ——2nd Anniversary Team Building
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Shall we walk in the wave ——2nd Anniversary Team Building

On the occasion of the 2nd anniversary of the company’s establishment, the Shenzhen headquarter of Raythink organized a company outing to Huidong County to strengthen the communication among departments, create a healthy company culture, and to thank you to our amazing team members.

On the first day, all members were randomly divided into two groups, and team leaders were elected. The two teams actively designed team names and slogans, and conducted team battles on projects such as Drumming Together and Walking Giant. All members felt the joy of team cooperation and competition during the games.

Though the weather in Huidong was humid and scorching, everyone was fully committed, and smiling brightly. Through a combination of teamwork, and individual effort, everyone was able to contribute and succeed at the games, an apt metaphor for how we hope to work as a company.

In the afternoon, everyone was free to go to Xunliaowan Resort, some played in the water together, some enjoyed the sea breeze. In the evening, the company arranged entertainment projects such as barbecue, bonfire party, beach KTV and a version of the popular game “Mafia”. In the sunset, by the beach - we sat around the bonfire, drank happily, and chatted freely. People felt comfortable to share their interests and passions, and the stronger bonds were built that night.

On the second day, everyone embarked on a leisurely and pleasant seaside trip. The first stop was fishing in Double-Moon Bay; then to the Sea Turtle Nature Reserve. The team was tired and happy, but also hopeful as they looked forward to the future together.

Through this trip, the company hopes that all members will support each other, create together, share together, and walk in the wind and waves together!