Raythink receives IATF16949 quality management system certification
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Raythink, a world-leading ARHUD solution provider for the automotive and transportation industry, announced that the company has obtained the IATF16949 Quality Management System standard certification for the automotive industry.


IATF16949, an internationally-accepted automobile industry standard, integrates the advanced quality management requirements of the industry and represents the quality management system standards generally accepted across today's automobile manufacturing sector.

Raythink receives IATF16949 quality management system certification

Obtaining this certification signifies that Raythink has officially entered the automotive supply chain, and demonstrates that the company's research and development, production and management systems fully meet the management standards required by the industry whereby the management of all processes adopts an approach that is, at all times, systematic, scientific and standardized.


The company's ability to provide high-performance production processes according to specification meets the needs of automobile manufacturers, laying the foundation for further expansion of the mass-produced augmented-reality head-up displays (AR HUD) into more mainstream models, while further accelerating the application of next generation human-computer interaction in the increasingly common scenarios of smart connected vehicles and cockpits.


The automotive industry has entered the era of smart internet-connected vehicles, where the most direct bridge between smart internet-connected vehicles and drivers is the in-vehicle human-computer interaction system. A large central control screen is gradually taking the place of the original small size touch capacitive version commonly seen in current interactive systems. Differentiating the next generation of intelligent cars from what's currently on the road as well as from each other has become a major focus within the industry. AR HUD displays navigation, advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) and other key information on the windshield in the form of naked eye AR-3D, delivering to drivers not only a safer but also a cool, 'future-tech' driving experience, smartly coinciding with the concept of an intelligent vehicle while becoming the inevitable development trend.


Raythink, established in 2019, focuses on the design, development and production of AR total solutions that integrate intelligent transportation, assisted driving and AR display with innovative light sources as the core. The company's core technologies include optics, picture generation units (PGUs), AR Generator® SDK, algorithms and hardware and has developed unique large field of view AR HUD products that deliver real lane-level AR navigation, forward collision warning (FCW), pedestrian collision warning (PCW) and lane departure warning (LDW), among other functionalities.


Raythink has signed cooperation agreements for mass production AR projects with many Tier 1 manufacturers and OEMs.


The Shenzhen-based company has also embarked on the build-out of an international portfolio. In addition to the Taipei Innovation Optics R&D Center, Raythink has established software development teams in Changsha, China and Bangalore, India. A manufacturing base with complete logistics platforms and support facilities in Guangming District, Shenzhen, construction of which was commenced in 2020, was fully completed in October 2021.


The 3,000-square-meter factory warehouse is equipped with Class 10000, Class 100000 cleanrooms, and a single-line mass production capacity of some 11,000 units per month. Equipped with proprietary fully-automated AR-HUD optical testing processes and testing machines, the base has put in place an international LEAN production management process and a complete quality management system, covering parts, PGUs, assemblies and optical devices.


Obtaining the IATF16949 certification once again speaks to Raythink's outstanding performance and serves as an important milestone in the ongoing optimization of the production process quality management system. Raythink remains committed to constantly improving the quality of products and delivery, further perfecting the management system and providing carmakers with AR HUD products with higher specifications that meet the demands of lean manufacturing. In addition, the company plans to cooperate with upstream and downstream manufacturers to build an industrial chain ecosystem and accelerate the application of the next generation human-computer interaction in a growing range of intelligent connected vehicles and cockpit scenarios.